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True Grit P6: Show Down
Travis Hovde
1 Kings 18:16-40
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Eagles Wings Community Fellowship Morning Worship Service with Pastor Travis Hovde

1 Kings 18:16-24:

 - Vs. 18 Elijah was viewed as the “troubler,” even though he was only promoting worship of One True God, righteousness, and to make God’s Word the standard. 

 - Vs. 19 Elijah finally calls for a showdown.  It was interesting that before that, fear had kept God’s prophets from speaking Truth.

 - Vs. 20 & 21 How long will you waiver between two opinions?  Their problem wasn’t that they had totally neglected the One True God, but they had wavered in the reality that there is only One True God.

 - Vs. 22 Elijah was outnumbered 450 to 1.  The good news is that God is not limited to statistics.

 - Vs. 23 Elijah builds an altar, and restored the altar of God.  We need to restore the altar in our lives and in our church.

 - Vs. 24 The name of “your god.” What is the name of your god?


Keys to Experiencing the Power of God:

 1. You have to make a decision about what you really believe.

 2. You have to be willing to stand on your own.

 3. You have to genuinely trust God.

 4. You have to put your Faith in Action.