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One. Big. God. Week 4: One. Big. Sacrifice.
Travis Hovde
Luke 9:23-27
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Eagles Wings Community Fellowship Morning Worship Service with Pastor Travis Hovde

Keys to a Biblical Sacrifice:

 - It starts with what you have.

 - There is a point of letting go.

 - It requires an act of faith.

 - Something is given by God in return.


Luke 9:

 - Vs. 23 If you have ever been “denied,” it is not a good feeling.  But denial in God is not always a bad thing.  It is the denying of one thing for the acceptance of another.

 - Vs. 24 Whoever would save his “life.”  This is a Greek word.

 - Vs. 25 You can gain everything in this world and neglect the real meaning of life, and you would have nothing.

 - Vs. 26 There are things in life that we should be ashamed of, but Jesus Christ is the last thing we should be ashamed of.