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One. Big. God. Part 3: One. Big. Love.
Travis Hovde
Romans 8:31-39
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Eagles Wings Community Fellowship Sunday Morning Worship Service with Pastor Travis Hovde

The “Un’s of God’s Love”:

 - Unending

 - Unchanging

 - Unstoppable

 - Unwavering

 - Unfathomable

 - Unrelenting

 - Unmatched

 - Unfazed

 - Unhindered


Romans 8:31-39:

 - Vs. 31 If you have been alive very long, you know what “these things” are.  But you need to add an “If God” to your “these things.” 

 - Vs. 32 Some people will say one thing but then do another.  Paul calls to account the greatest evidence of the Love of God, when God gave His only Son.

 - Vs. 33 God is the one who justifies, not us.

 - Vs. 34 There is One who could rightfully condemn you, and He doesn’t.

 - Vs. 35 Here are the “somethings.”

 - Vs. 36 Persecution is nothing new; neither are tribulations.

 - Vs. 37 We are not just promised to get by.  You and I are more than conquerors.

 - Vs. 38 Demons, angels, family members, coworkers, (fill in the blank) _____________.


 - Vs. 39 Nothing Shall Separate us from the Love of God.  Nothing.