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Fire and Smoke P5: Looking Up
Travis Hovde
Genesis 28:10-17
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Morning Worship Service at Eagles Wings Community Fellowship with Pastor Travis Hovde

Genesis 28:10-17:

 - Vs. 10 He went towards something.  If you are looking down, you are not going towards anything. 

 - Vs. 11 Jacob put his head on the Rock. 

 - Vs. 12 He caught a glimpse into the unseen reality that already existed but that he could not see until he got a different perspective.

 - Vs. 13 God was there, being faithful, consistent, and the God of the Word. 

 - Vs. 14 God is going to bless you but you must also be a blessing.  Who has God called you to bless? 

 - Vs. 15 This is a recurring promise from God, He will never leave you nor forsake you. 

 - Vs. 16 The Lord was in this place. 

 - Vs. 17 There is more to the place that you are in right now.


Jacob's Response to the Revelation:

 - He humbled Himself. 

 - He restored a right relationship with God (Genesis 28:20).

 - He Trusted the Lord to take care of his needs (Genesis 28:19).

 - He reconciled with his brother.

 - He committed to tithing (Genesis 28:22).