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A Humble Heart
2 Kings 1:1-15
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Eagles Wings Community Fellowship Sunday Morning Worship Service With Pastor Ed Burkle

Human Side

The Approach: In this story, Ahaziah inquired to a god that was not real.  He wanted divine revelation but was seeking the wrong god.  We do the same thing when we look to opinions, views, friends or family instead of going to God first.

The Motive: The king arrested Elijah because of what Elijah had said to him.  Just like in the story, we sometimes try to leverage authority to get our own way with God.

The Result: The first two groups came to Elijah demanding things, and God struck them down because of their arrogance.  When we don’t approach God humbly and with reverence, we continue to go around the mountain and become frustrated in our relationship with God.


The Approach: In the third group, the leader came to Elijah in a humbled state and with reverence.  Jesus approaches the Throne with a humble heart.  He showed reverence because He understood the power of God.

The Motive: The third group’s leader was motivated to have Elijah come down and talk to the king, but he was looking out for the people he commanded and came to Elijah in reverence.  Jesus was motivated to do God’s Will.

The Result: Since the last man showed reverence and cared about his men, Elijah went with him and the man accomplished his task.  Because Jesus humbled himself, God blessed Him in all that He did, from answered prayers to healing, to setting captives free, to saving souls.



 - We need to adjust our approach to the likeness of Jesus by being humble and seeking the Lord with reverence.

 - We need to adjust our motives to that of Jesus, to do what pleases God and not us.

 - When we want to do what pleases God, we will see the blessings and favor of falling in line with God’s will.